Fdupe is a small Perl script which recursively scans directories and finds any duplicate files. It is designed for administrators, who work often on severals machines under different operating systems without a GUI.


  •      Single Perl Script, works in environments without GUI
  •      Efficient algorithm for quick comparing file contents
  •      No hash checking, thus no hash collisions
  •      Portable. Needs only /usr/bin/perl to run

Download fdupe.pl


Usage Examples

Use fdupe as pipe

# find / -xdev | fdupe.pl |tee dupes.txt

or give some directories as arguments

$ fdupe.pl ./dir1 ./dir2 | tee dupes.txt

Now edit dupes.txt and prepend a ‘-’ for every file you want to delete.

 size: 423423


To delete marked files use following script:

chomp; unlink if s/^-//;


$ deldupes dupes.txt

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